ESPID 2019 Reimbursement Rules and Procedures


Category Maximum Reimbursement

Domestic travel (Ljubljana and Slovenia): flights, train, car

200 EU

Flights from Europe

400 EU

Flights from Middle East

500 EU

Flights from North/ North America/Canada

1,800 EU

Flights from Australia:


2,300 EU


2,000 EU

Flights from Africa

1,200 EU

Flights from Asia

1,800 EU

1. Claims exceeding these amounts will not be reimbursed unless negotiated and agreed well in advance with the organisers via the Meeting Secretariat.

2. Costs of ground transportation both ways will also be reimbursed as long as the total is within the limit indicated above. Rules: payment upon submission of original receipts only. Standard class (train/coach) fares only, where applicable. Car mileage is paid at standard rates as determined by ESPID.

3. Accommodation will normally be for a maximum of the 5 nights of the Annual Meeting (Mon Fri) in the designated headquarter hotels reserved by the organisers. Reimbursement of additional nights is permitted for Board members and committee chairs where this is specifically to permit attendance of meetings relating to ESPID business (including the Walter Marget Workshop and Masterclass).

4. Reimbursement of costs will be processed only after the Meeting. Please keep receipts for all of your expenses. Following the Meeting, you will receive an interactive link where you will be able to upload your receipts, banking details and submit your claim.

5. No other expenses besides those listed will be reimbursed.